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Please note: I am working on a book based on many of the postings on this website.  I have therefore decided to suspend posting new mind/brain science postings. I would plan to start adding new material to the site in the very near future. In the meantime, I will post some of the stories and fables written by my collaborator Günther Barth. These stories complement some of the mind/brain science themes explored on this website and in the book ‘Uncovering mind/brain science’ that is in preparation. 


“Our minds are a playground far more compelling and engaging than the most expensive toys and computer games.” G. Barth, 1998.


The physical sciences provides us with the tools to explain the properties of all sorts of material like glass, metals, concrete, cement, wood, plastics. It is possible to understand why some materials are flexible, or strong, or transparent or hard, or super thin based on infrastructures like how atoms line up or crystal structures.

Similarly, mind/brain science provides us with some of the tools that allow us to explore and explain who we are, how we have evolved, our capabilities and limitations our responses to the world around us, the complex interplay of our genetics and life experiences. This website provides snapshots, stories, research reports, ideas, notes,  and musings about our brains in action. Also included in this personal science journal and diary are ongoing projects and collaborations with mind/brain scientists. While mind/brain science is of interest to many of us the application of what we have learned about how we function can be useful as applied to facets of our lives and is also the subject of many of the postings on this site.

No story or project is ever complete. New research knowledge will be added to existing posts. 

All postings are accessible by activating the buttons on the banner of the site. The most recent postings are listed to the right of this web page. Recent postings also include my log and diary and a preview of upcoming postings along with a synopsis of recently posted stories.

The website content includes; fiction stories; news clips of recent science findings, short and long science reports and projects. More details about the varieties of content can be seen on the ‘about’ page of the website.

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Catalogue of Günther Barth’s Art Activities (1970-2014)

The life and death of the artist Günther Barth

Catalogue of Günther Barth’s Art Activities (1970-2014)


DefeatSelf portrait (circa 2004)

April 08 15 old

Early painting exhibited as part of a group show (New York, about 1970, shortly after the affair with BW came to an end)

Abstract period , Maeght foundation 1977


Additional abstract paintings 1977 Maeght Foundation



pic 14 6-20

pic 19 6-20

Barth’s abstract expressionist period after living in Africa (early 1980’s


the bird cries

fig 1

A brief period Barth labeled (in the military play ground)


dec 09 3

Period of art career in which Barth took control of art galleries and art institutes throughout Europe and North America

The following institutions were part of his empire which he saw as a form of universal ‘Bau Haus’

Kunst-Institut von München

Paris Art Conservatoire

Art des Galeries Monde

Design Institutes

Les Instituts Amalgameted Arts (Paris)

Die Amalgameted Arts Institute (Berlin)

The Amalgameted Arts Institutes (NY)

אמנויות Amalgameted המכונים (Tel Aviv)


Die Amalgameted Arts Institute (Berlin)

Barth art during the last 15 years including his ‘primitive period’


He called this painting ‘verzweiflung’ (fear, dread)



Nudes sketches of Liz Mann (art critic)

Liz posed for Barth on numerous occasions before their unrealized affair. Mann had been an enthusiastic supporter of Barth’s art but after being rejected she was a vocal critic who called his primitive art the work of someone who is brain damaged.

April 08 25 old